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Event Info:
RISC will hold its fifth battlefield medical response course this October 6-9 at the Frontline Club in London. The four-day program trains 24 freelance conflict journalists in first aid to treat their wounds and those of their colleagues and civilians on the battlefield. It covers basic procedures for saving someone’s life in a conflict zone: clearing air passageways, stopping or slowing bleeding from wounds, stopping air leakage into the chest cavity from a chest wound and transporting the injured person to a medical facility. Surviving a gunshot or shrapnel wound is often a matter of doing the right thing in the first few minutes, and RISC training focuses on that brief, critical period of time. The training is provided free of cost to experienced, published freelance conflict journalists, as well as a select group of less experienced, but dedicated, young reporters. RISC covers instruction fees and accommodations for the journalists, and provides each graduate with a comprehensive medical kit, similar to that carried by military combat medics, to take with them into the field. Accepted applicants are only responsible for their travel expenses and meals.
Event Location:
Frontline Club

Event Schedule:

Battlefield First Aid Training10/6/2013 - 10/9/2013
No Fees
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